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Hardware Services

Power Tech Services has an enviable team of experienced and certified professionals to take care of the repair, maintenance and support services for ICT products. We are authorized by HP and Lenovo to provide support services for their products.

Our services are available for both products covered under warranty as well as out of warranty.Power Tech also provides hardware pre-sales assistance and guidance, Spare Parts and care packs

Outsourcing Services

What are your business priorities, Attracting or retaining new customers? International expansion? Cost savings and operational efficiencies?

Our outsourcing services give you access to the specialized IT skills and capabilities you require to grow your business and have it performing at the highest levels. Powertech’s Outsourcing team works with you closely and recommends tailored best-fit solutions as well as continually monitoring and reporting progress, making your business more agile, flexible and innovative

Consulting & Professional Services

Power Tech consulting and professional services can add value to your business by providing strategy, management, security and integration services to help plan, build, improve and innovate your IT and business solutions.

We work with you to architect a holistic solution that integrates new technologies with the legacy environment, in line with your IT strategy

IT Infrastructure & Data Center

Power Tech can assist in planning, designing and implementing of infrastructure in your Datacenter.

We deliver site with detailed documentation to facilitate the upgrade, migration and diagnostic process. Our diagrams are editable to give customer a change management capability over their data center.

Preventive maintenance and general repair to mounted devices are our specialization.

Deployment & Integration

Technologies, systems and processes are important tools to achieve your business goals. In today’s fast changing world, your business needs reliable expertise and experience, coupled with solid business knowledge to execute its corporate strategy.

Powertech provides its customers with a variety of deployment and integration ICT services to keep them ahead of the technology curve using a first class certified technical team.

Service Level Agreement

We offer various types of service Level Agreement depending on your needs to cover your existing system.

Cable System maintenance

Our technical team will provide your organization with Proactive creative support of your data cabling system to ensure the best or the maximum performance to your cables.

On-site Spare parts

Additional spare parts will be dedicated to you and held on-site where required.

Preventive Maintenance

we schedule visits to ensure care of your equipment and avoid the consequences of failure of equipment before actually occurs.

Service Reviews

As agreed intervals Power Tech will host a meeting to review the performance of support against the SLA.

Management Advice

Our technical team will help the organization to improve their performance through advising the methods needs to be applied to ensure the stability of the infrastructure. Operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems.

Technical Sessions

We will schedule sessions to transfer the technical updates to your technical staff.

Global Solution

If you have requirements in other county of the world we deliver a global support solution.

On-site Engineer

Where an on-site diagnosis or hardware replacement required an engineer, he will be sent within the response time for the equipment supported as per the contracted response time.

Remote Monitoring

By using remote monitoring tools based on your organization approval, will monitor the functionality of all connected devices remotely.

On-Site Response

Where an on-site diagnosis or hardware replacement required an engineer, he will be sent within the response time for the equipment supported as per the contracted response time.

Live Call Diagnosis (Help Desk)

When your problem is critical contact us by telephone and we will ensure that you are able to speak with an engineer directly, one-to-one.If remote monitoring is enabled we will work on diagnosing and resolving the problem .