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Who we are

PowerTech is a private limited liability company (LLC)

based in Egypt established in 2017 We focuses on new technologies, software platforms, smart cities and Infrastructure. 

We provide complete and fully integrated solutions for projects meeting our clients' futuristic vision. 

Our Mission is to provide professional solutions from infrastructure. 

Development, and technical expertise. Computer Service. 


Our Vision

To expand our business by providing technical support and customer needs that maintain the relationship and move forward with customer satisfaction and a good reputation.

To focus on being a respected corporation that continuously enhances the value of Power tech provide through best-of-breed technology business solutions, delivered by best-in-class people.

Our Mission

The future and the success of Power tech depend on our ability to evolve constantly. To always be innovative, creating value for our Clients, taking into account social and environmental challenges. Ensuring our clients continued success and growth is the main reason we offer our services. 



Power Tech ...

... is an "Army of Men not a One-Man Army" ... who provides a “Service” and not a “Person”

... Builds a “Solution” and not a “Product” ... has respected Analyst, tool developers, and Security Consultants . and works coherently with Vender Team and Consultants